martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

places of inspiration

Hi my sweet girls!!,
The pastel colors are here, yeah! the new trend for these summer are the perfect and cute pastel colors i love it! and i knowthey loved you too for today I bring magical places that inspire us
so is a magical genius of architecture that inspires me and maybe you come to understand it so it's time to start making our purchases that summer is near, also shows them some shoes that will surely love is a little preview of things to come, I can wait, do not forget to follow and share this blog with friends when I have a new follower I party in my room ahahah see u soon :) 



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Jeny Apio dijo...

hey hermosa por azares del destino me encontré con tu blogg, igual que tu soy mexicana! :) me encanto!!! un beso enorme!